ACPE Academy transition to FIAFitnation

ACPE Academy and FIAFitnation

In July 2015 Study Group acquired Endeavour Learning Group.  As a part of this acquisition, in January 2016 ACPE Academy transitioned into FIAFitnation.

For those considering study at ACPE Academy

This means more course options, more campuses and over 45 years of combined experience – in short, more opportunities. 

FIAFitnation also offers a suite of CEC and PDP courses to build your fitness repertoire.  Do you need to top up your CEC points? Have you thought about diversifying with a short course to set you apart from the pack?

  • SIS30313 Certificate III in Fitness
  • SIS40210 Certificate IV in Fitness
  • SIS30313 & SIS40210 Cert III & IV Fitness Combo Pack
  • 10454NAT Diploma of Nutrition and Dietetics for Personal Trainers
  • SIS50213 Diploma of Fitness

For further information, download this list of FAQs (PDF)

Visit the FIAFitnation website >

For current students and alumni

Your ACPEA qualification will continue to hold value after the transition, and you'll reap all the benefits of FIAFitnation’s industry expertise.

FIAFitnation has a larger suite of courses for you to choose from including the Australian exclusive Diploma of Nutrition & Dietetics for PTs as well several short CEC & PDP courses in functional training, group fitness, rehabilitation, nutrition, personal training, and working with kids/older adults.

You’ll have access to four FIAFitnation campuses across Australia’s east coast: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney Olympic Park.

It's likely you still have questions so we’ve created this Q&A document (PDF) to help answer them.  Download it here or speak with an SEA today about your future with FIAFitnation.

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Visit the FIAFitnation website >

Further information

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